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"The brushes arrived yesterday and I have just spent all morning using them - they are lovely!! The horses are glowing, I've never seen them so clean and glossy..." (Emily P.)

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Arabian Horse with Leather Bit

Horse Wellness™ Products

Whatever your horse's 'job', we'd like to support you in caring for your horse as effectively and naturally as possible.

We enjoy providing you with selected products that provide excellent value, best quality, mostly natural materials and are reasonably priced.

Our Horse Wellness Grooming™ Brushes are expertly hand crafted by traditional brush manufacturer Leistner™ in Germany. You will appreciate these professional quality horse grooming brushes that make grooming your horse a joy and last for years to come.

Our horse tack products are unique patented products by Original Meroth™, Germany. Enjoy best quality craftsmanship and innovative function. These products are made with your horse in mind.

Read what other customers say about our products:


"Hi! Just thought I would let you know that I received my brushes yesterday and they are great! I went out ASAP to use them as I was just so excited. After brushing my horse she was shinier then she ever has been with the plastic brushes, even with her winter coat coming in. Thanks again for the great service and quick delivery of such a nice product. I will be ordering more from you in the future!"

Rae F., Canada

About the Meroth Leather Snaffle: "I was amazed at the difference in my horse using this bit. My horse was collected, relaxed and responsive. Riding bitless made her nervous and spooky. She would become fixated on playing with a metal bit so much that she would lose her focus on me. I am sold on the Meroth leather bit and highly recommend it." Sheri G.


"My Hanoverian mare and I LOVE the brushes... I've waited a long time to buy brushes of this quality, and I couldn't be happier."
Susan A., Florida


Absolutely love the brushes & so does my fella. I have had several folks ask me at Spruce Meadows where I got such lovely brushes & was more than happy to tell them so you may have some more inquiries coming from Alberta :-). Shelly, Canada


I received my complete set of brushes and used them for the 1st time last weekend and they are even better than what I hoped! You definitely get what you pay for not to mention after reading Stephanie's website I learned the correct way to groom a horse. When I was done grooming not only did my horses look better than ever, they were so relaxed from the grooming! Thank you again for offering such a wonderful product...! Tammy S., CA


Our horses are thoroughly enjoying the brushes, probably even more than we are. You can tell they feel good to them and enjoy grooming and aren't just "putting up with it". Tia F., Wisconsin


I'm really liking that new brush ("Feeling")! To be honest, it seems so soft, I didn't think it would do much; but it really lifts the dirt out and leaves a nice shine. Very nice. Jim K., WI

"I wanted to start off by saying I really love your brushes. I bought your flick brush, Holly, and Feeling (wow I just LOVE that brush!!!) and I just absolutely love all of them. I have never seen the shine in my horse's coat like I have when using your brushes and my boy loves the massage... It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly keep your website for future use. I appreciate how kind and professional you have been... and I just love your brushes!" Christine P., MN


"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the brushes arrived and they are just as beautiful as I hoped they'd be. I'm a groom by trade, and nothing drives me crazier than brushes that don't do their jobs, or ones that are awkward to hold and make my arm hurt. These seem like a great combination of function and form; not too big for my hands with lovely densely packed bristles....Thanks again for your great product/service!" Avery G., Canada


"I love all of the brushes.  They are well constructed and have a good hand feel.  ... These brushes are beautiful and functional, what more can you want?" Michele F. 


"My horse Gunner never liked to be groomed. Since I am using [natural] horse grooming brushes he stands still for grooming as long as we like to and he is loving it! My horse and I love those brushes...Maryanne M., Middleton, WI


"Got my first order today--was so happy with them I decided to order one more! Thank you so much!!!" Nikki M., Springfield, MO

About Reinhold's Horse Wellness™-Store

The Horse Wellness Store™ was started as an resource for horse owners, trainers, riders and horse people in general who are looking for products that are just a bit out of the ordinary as far as quality, craftsmanship and naturalness is concerned. We are interested in adding further products to our offering and welcome your suggestions or requests.

Retailers are encouraged to apply as Leistner Brush™ or Original Meroth™ partner merchants by contacting us via email. We will be happy to send you a retailer application package.


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