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"The brushes arrived yesterday and I have just spent all morning using them - they are lovely!! The horses are glowing, I've never seen them so clean and glossy..." (Emily P.)

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Is a Meroth™ leather snaffle bit right for me and my horse?

If you are an intermediate to experienced rider* and your horse already accepts and responds to a bit, the answer is YES! A Meroth™ leather bit will enable gentle and precise communication with your horse without metal in the mouth.

  • Great for hard-to bit horses
  • Great for horses that are sensitive around ears and poll. You can ride without bridle!
  • Completely non-toxic and patented design
  • Patented design will make the bit shape to the horse's mouth
  • Safety break-away and stainless steel hardware
  • Special, non-chafing stitching

Below two videos: A rider at the Paris Gucci Masters 2010 riding only with the Meroth™ leather snaffle bit and reins and a young woman with her Islandic, enjoying a carefree interaction with the gentle Meroth bit. Beautiful!

horse leather bit

*) Note: The bit is not recommeded for beginners, who balance themselves on the reins as it creates a very gentle, yet precise and sensitive connection.

US Equestrian Team member, trainer, and coach Lynn Symansky shares her recent experience with the Meroth Leather Pelham:

"I loved the leather pelham ! I was desperate to find something for my strong yet sensitive mouthed TB who just had a tooth extracted and needed to compete soon after the procedure. The bit worked great, and I plan to keep it as a go to in my bit box for other horses like him, especially for ones that can get a little strong ... but need a soft mouthpiece and have a sensitive palate. Stefanie was also a pleasure to work with and plan to use Reinhold's in the future!​"

"I was amazed at the difference in my horse using this bit. My horse was collected, relaxed and responsive. Riding bitless made her nervous and spooky. She would become fixated on playing with a metal bit so much that she would lose her focus on me. I am sold on the Meroth leather bit and highly recommend it." Sheri G.

 "I have just received the Meroth leather bit... Well, I cant praise it enough. I have a horse that is happy to stretch forward and he was the lightest he has ever been, bit or no bit. I don't often give feedback ... but this was so amazing I felt the need to let you know. Thank you for selling these bits, they are fabulous!" Amanda M., New Zealand
"The first time I used [the Meroth™ leather snaffle bit], he seemed to think there was contact on the bit – there wasn’t. By the fourth time he just accepted it as normal. He is extremely responsive to it and seems to like it. I had been riding him bitless – using a jumping hackamore – but as he is a racehorse (not ex) he was hard to steer to the right, especially the faster we went. With the Meroth it is not an issue at all. It will definitely be the only bit I will use for pleasure riding and I am looking forward to trying it without the bridle.... So, success. A happy horse and happy rider!....Sincerely," Maureen T., Kentucky

A new way of connecting with your horse


But you don't have to be an elite equine athlete. Any one can enjoy the freedom the Original Meroth™ Freedom Leather Bit offers.

This wonderful video of a young woman and her horse in Germany shows the ease and effortlessness that is created when a bit is so much softer.

Also excellent for horses that are sensitive around the ears or poll as you can ride without bridle!

The leather bit is light-weight, pleasant to the horse, durable, and completely non-toxic. The leather is tanned using an entirely plant-based process. The bit adheres to European baby toy specifications! You will never have to worry about putting toxic leather into your horse's mouth.

Note: The bit comes with detailed instructions. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Arabian horse with leather bit

The Original Meroth™ Leather Freedom Bit™

Accept no imitations: Only the Original Meroth Leather Freedom Bit is completely non-toxic, made from leather that is tanned in a time-proven, slow, plant-based tanning process. This leather adheres to European baby toy specifications! So you don't have to worry about putting toxic leather in your horse's mouth.

Is a leather bit the solution for your horse?

Bitting horses has been a topic for literally thousands of years. Recently, there has been a movement way from harsh bits and a general search for gentler alternatives.

Many horses are 'hard to bit', display stiffness in the neck, soreness in the corners of the mouth, sensitivity on the bars of the mouth or are described as 'stiff to one side', 'hard in the mouth', 'leaning on the bit' or 'bridle lame'. While not all of these concerns are results of bits or bitting, it can be a contributing factor.

Many horse owners try bit after bit, often at considerable expense without remedy. The taste of a metal bit, the way it feels on the bars and last not least the sounds a metal bit make (constant subtle oscillation and clonking, which we as riders do not hear) are unpleasant to many horses. A leather bit is often the much-sought solution to a very puzzling problem: finding the right bit for you horse.

Communication with and control of the horse via his sensitive mouth by inserting a 'bit' has been a practice for a very long time. But it doesn't have to be metal. f you are looking for a gentle alternative, which will enable you to maintain precise communication without a metal bit, the Original Meroth™ Leather Freedom Bit™ may be right for you.




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